Wytham Estate

An infographic to show how you can invest in Wytham Estate.

XYZ Storage

A collaboration project with &Studios to develop various isometric illustrations showing how items and furniture can fit into various spaces.

L’il Masters Logo, CI Design & Illustrations

ELEMENTS DESIGNED FOR THE Li’l MASTERS BRAND • Logo, product illustrations, Social Media posts and website.  PRODUCT illustrations Various illustrations done for their product range. RESPONSIVE WEBSITE DESIGN

‘Life is more Interesting inside my Head’

A fantasy story named ‘Life is more Interesting inside my Head’ written by a boy when he was 11 years old. A published copy was given to him on his 18th birthday. I was commissioned to do the illustrations based on his story as well as the final book layout.

Water Wise Project by Ponieskrantz

water wise pots & WATERING CONES Illustrations done to show the steps for installing and using their unique water wise pots and cones.

Kontras Interior Illustrations

I was commissioned to create various illustrations for a guest house in Pretoria. These illustrations where inspired by the lush garden and views from each room. ORGANIC VIEW ‘ORGANIC VIEW’ inspired by the view of a lemon tree. THE PECAN ROOM Customised wall paper design for ‘THE PECAN ROOM’. LIQUAD BLOOM A combination of hand and […]

FibCo South Africa Logo & CI Design

A logo and CI created in collaboration with Rokkitboy Creative Labs for the FibCo brand.ELEMENTS DESIGNED FOR THIS BRAND • Logo, stationery and brand manual.

Naevi Medical Aesthetics Logo & CI Design

A logo and CI created for Naevi Medical Aesthetics which specialises in Corrective Skincare Solutions.ELEMENTS DESIGNED FOR THIS BRAND • Logo, stationery, flyers, website and Facebook elements.