Documenting our Kgalagadi trip

Using complimentary colours to tell stories.

February being my first month of freelancing and lots of amazing projects to get through, our trip to the Kgalagadi got closer. After months of planning this trip, we only had a few days left to finalise all the kitting, shopping and packing (sounds easy 😏). This being such an epic adventure, I had to document our 8 day journey to and in the #kgalagaditransfrontierpark. The bright orange sand, the sun, sunsets, water and clear blue skies inspired me to use orange and blue as the #complimentarycolours for my next story. The narrative of this illustration was inspired by the amasing friends we went with, all the challenges and moments we shared. I must say, we made a great traveling team! Hope you enjoy the story and if you ever have the chance to go there, it’s amazing!